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Thursday, 30 October 2008


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Oh my Mr. Duff,

So, 'JK', an increase in methane levels! Well, I know where that came from:

The little 'Memsahib' insists that my own contributions are far from modest!

Look, I know there are some long words in tehre Duff but I've linked you to the most dumbed-down report of this I could find without going near The Sun or Daily Mail. Do try and read it- even the long sentences. Just write down any words you don't understand here and I'll do my best to explain them to you in words of one syllable.


Aaah, shame, ''Little Willy', because you were doing so well and then your true nature displayed itself in your final word. Still, 'E' for Effort!

As to the the link you provide, I am tempted to imitate your good self and reply that I never read anything that hasn't been peer-reviewed, because apparently that is the way things are done in the 'nodding dogs' world of officially sanctioned climate science where any failure to toe the party line has repurcussions on careers and funding.

I notice, with a wry smile, that the authors of this, er, totally neutral and impeccably scientific report are based at the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and the Met Office Hadley Centre! For the benefit of my readers who may not be well informed on the finer points of the dogma of climate science, asking these two organisations whether or not global warming is man-made or not is like asking the Vatican if God exists!

Still, as 'Little Willy' and I are swapping non-peer-reviewed reports, you might like to give this a brief glance:

It's also worth noting that arctic ice is now on the increase:

I should add my usual caveat, that I, personally, have no fixed idea on whether or not there is global warming, although I suspect there has been a slight increase in the 20th c. which should surprise no-one because the temperature of the earth's atmosphere is constantly changing; however, no-one has produced a cast-iron case to convince me that any such warming is man-made, least of all hysterical, non-scientific fanatics like 'Little Willy'.

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