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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


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Your ignorance is stunning. Its actually quite, quite beautiful. I mean, you linked to the article but you clearly didn't open your eyes and read the details. You just pasted the conclusion in and ranted about it without understanding a single word. But that's quite typical for you though, isn't it Duff. Mis representing information that you lack the intellect to comprehend.

You are sociopathy incarnate.

Please note that 'Little Willy' managed that entire comment without a single four-letter expletive. This is a first and I think I am entitled to claim the credit. True, there was the odd punctuation error but, as his eyeballs were probably swivelling at high speed as he wrote, I think he did rather well. Keep it up, 'Willy', er, in the nicest possible sense, you understand.

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