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Thursday, 20 November 2008


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Whether she's blonde or not seems not the important question.

Will she be on the team installing the urine recycler?

Dread thought!

If it has taken two days then surely it is a nice big project. In ground pool or maybe a new 8ft garden wall?
Madam Monk is blond and resents the remark. I do think I would be a little more careful with my tool sack if it was worth $100,000. Then again NASA has been known to spend $10,000 on a spanner that could be purchased from the hardware at $5. They also managed to spend $100,000 researching a way for the astronauts to shave without letting bits of beard escape into the cockpit and after all that money settled on a razor and shave cream for a couple of bucks.

For once, 'FM', my lips are sealed because if I told you exactly what it was that has taken me two days to complete you might actually injure yourself laughing, and I know how litigious you Americans can be!

If Mrs. 'Fallen Nun' is indeed blonde then I shall withdraw all blonde jokes instantly and eat them!

As to your final fascinating tales of governmental organisations pissing your tax dollars against a wall, why are you so keen for 'Princess Obama' to take even more of them in order to give you a government health service and a government energy policy?

Honestly, 'FM', you need your bumps felt!

I was afraid this would happen.

Oh my God! Just tell them to keep that blonde away from it - ooops, sorry, Mrs. 'Fallen Nun'!

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