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Tuesday, 04 November 2008


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We caught a bit of Mary Poppins the other day. There were some longeurs, but it really is rather good. Its about the Human Condition, but not all of the Human Condition.

Never seen it, 'DM', always felt that any film with an actor in it called 'Dick van Dyke' was probably going to be too risque for me!

Welcome back, by the way.

I'm so glad to hear you liked "Crash." I loved it, too.

Crash is a wonderful film.

There's actually another film, also called Crash which you might enjoy too.

Yes, thank you, 'Teabag', I know all about that one. Perhaps you would care to provide us all with a learned critique - I have it on good authority that you have watched it so many times your lips move in synch with the dialogue!

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