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Thursday, 27 November 2008


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You wouldn't care to advise Bishop Hill on font size, would you?

I'll try.

I've told Bishop Hill of your complaint and he is deeply hurt because he had increased his font size to comply with your wishes. I told him you were a grumpy, short-sighted, old bugger who's never satisfied but that, even so, he must try and do better. He has promised to look into it. Watch this space, or do I mean, watch his space?

The Bish is cleared of all charges. I find that I can now, just, read his stuff. If you brought this about, DD, thank you. And thanks too to his Grace (are bishops "Graces", or only the arch ones?).

'Lord', I think is correct for Bishs. Anyway, I have passed on your, slightly grudging, acceptance of his font size and trust that Christian unity is thus repaired!

Sorry, I can't do anything about the font size on my comments which even I find microscopic. To do anything about it entails spending considerably more money with Typepad - natch!

Well if I can't promote him to a "Grace", I'll promote him to a Mountain.

Very kind of you to give me three stars, Mr Duff. Unfortunately I don't post much these days.

True, 'Deogulwulf', but with you each post is a considered gem, unlike the stream of un-consciousness that pours onto these pages! So, whilst it isn't possible to read you daily, I always check you daily.

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