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Sunday, 09 November 2008


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don't kick them far. we've got autosave coming (it's already there for our beta users) and I've used a couple of FireFox extensions and, in the case of a crash, it restores everything, even information typed in a text box, so it would probably work for lost post situations.

If you haven't upgraded my Firefox recently, this one (Session Saver) runs with older versions:

If you have a more recent version of Firefox, you can try the Session Manager extension:

Oh, my God, where did you spring from? Were you hiding in my cupboard and looking over my shoulder? And what's a "TypePad Community Manager" when he or she is at home?

Only joking, and, of course, I'm grateful for your help and advice. Alas, whilst I've heard of Firefox and all that sort of thing, I have only just about mastered switching on and off! I leave all the technicalities to my IT manager (aka: SoD, or, Son of Duff) on his once-in-a-blue-moon visits. I will pass on your suggestions but in the meantime contine to kick the cats - such a therapy!

I'm like Santa. I've everywhere. ;) TypePad Community Manager means I'm lookin out for blog problems!

Honestly, tech support can prolly help you, but you can also email me anytime if you need some help. - ginevra @ sixapart . com.

Right, 'Ginevra', I have your e-mail pinned to the wall and next to my heart, but here's a little tester for you.

When I go back through 'Weblogs' to check an *old* post, say, March this year, it pops up in a mixture of English and code for a few seconds, and then changes to clear English, but a few seconds later it reverts to a mixture again so that it is more or less unreadable. It's not the end of the world because I can then re-read it on the blog itslef, but if I ever needed to alter the text it would be impossible. This sympton does not occur with recent posts.

Absolutely no urgency with this, I'm just curious.

hey there - would you be able to email me directly so I can make sure we follow up on this the right way? :) thx!


Be nice to Ms Ginevra. I sent an email to Blogger help once. The substance of the canned reply is that their help feature is worth what I was paying for it.

No, no, Hank, I will not have a word against the delightful Ginevra who is now close to replacing Mrs. Palin in my affections. I e-mailed her yesterday and she rose from her sick-bed in an effort to assist me. Greater love hath no woman than she rise from her sick-bed to assist an old fool!

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