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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


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Yes, intelectuals despise the likes of Palin who, at least, get elected. They, confortable with complexity as they are, wait that another gets elected and then nominates them.

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To be sure, David, I think it is safe to say that even if intellectual breadth and a richly furnished mind were necessary qualifications for political leadership, nobody is suggesting that they are sufficient. Certainly I'm not.

But we do live in a staggeringly complex and interconnected world, one in which a great many cultural, ideological, economic, strategic, and tehnological influences are in play -- and I think it is not too much to ask that the leaders of the more powerful nations might at least take some interest in understanding what they are, and be able to communicate their views in coherent sentences.

I would also prefer that the occupants of my nation's highest offices not be in thrall to some of the most simplistic and childishly exoteric religious superstitions on offer anywhere in the world, but I realize that may be some way off. This is still America, after all.

Thanks, Malcolm Pollack. I too would like my leaders to be able to speak in coherent sentences. After the last eight years, it seems more of a necessity than ever.

As for my commenters being "nobodies" and "retards," oh my! How does one distinguish bewteen nobodies and somebodies?? "Retards" is a fun term, except when one's children have been bullied and hurt by it. My youngest has a genius IQ and is highly gifted, but the label of retard was a brutal consequence of attending a neighborhood school with "normal" kids.

So you might want to reconsider where and when you use that term.

William Burroughs WAS an intellectual! Read some of his essays! A drug addict and deviant, yes, no argument there. But that doesn't preclude being an intellectual. Think Marquise de Sade.

'Sister Wolf', you disappoint me! I thought you were made of sterner stuff and that whilst you, quite properly (or in your case, sometimes improperly!), exercise your right to 'dish it out' with extra helpings of vitriol, I thought you were able to take it on the chin when some of it comes back. "Retards" is not a "fun term", it means what it means, people with retarded mental abilities which describes exactly and precisely most of your commenters.

And you pile absurdity (de Sade) upon nonsense (Burroughs) in extolling the virtues(?) of intellectuals as requirements in a political leader. Would you actually vote for either of those two, er, gentlemen to be the president of the United States? Personally, I would infinitely prefer Mrs. Palin to either of those two.

No no, I'm not extolling the virtues of those two writers as being suited to the presidency, although it's difficult to imagine either one of them making a worse mess than George Bush has done.

I would sooner elect either of them as governor of Alaska, though, since I imagine both as being poetic enough in their sensibilties as to value the continuing existence of the polar bear more than a barrel of oil.

"the continuing existence of the polar bear more than a barrel of oil."

Well, in an ideal world, of course, one would like both but if it has to be one or the other then I can only say, "Sarah, git the guns!"

I say that out of self-interest but I would remind you gently, 'Sister', that its oil that powers hospitals, old people's homes, transport systems, factories, farm machinery all of which are crucial to the well-being of poor people. Nice, well-to-do, middle-class folks like you and me might be able to afford astronmically expensive energy from wind farms (that only work when the wind is neither too strong or too weak) but poor people need the cheapest energy they can get - and I use the word 'need' in its truest sense.

To paraphrase a famous quote, do you want to see 'the lamps going out all over America'?

Commenters both here and over at your place keep remarking on how complicated the world is, which is why they insist on having intellectuals to lead them. Energy policy is ferociously complicated and loaded with the dread fear of unintended consequences, which is why I shall watch with interest as your intellectual(?) new president matches ideology with practicality! Or, to put it another way, how many people will vote 'Dem' in four years time when their fuel bills have gone through the roof all in the name of, er, CO2?

Well, duh, I knew you'd pick the oil.

The creatures of this earth are not less important than humans, and here is where we will REALLY differ.

I would prefer humans to die out before they finish destroying the world for all living things.

"I would prefer humans to die out before they finish destroying the world for all living things."

And would you like to start with, say, your own children?

No, sir, it is my most cherished hope to outlive both of my children.

However, should a sudden famine wipe us all out, I would still prefer that animals inherit what's left of the earth that human's haven't yet rendered uninhabitable.

But I don't know of any part of the earth, nuclear test sites excepted, that have been "rendered uninhabitable" by, say, the last 1o,ooo years of human history. What I do know of is zillions and zillions of square miles of earth that are now very habitable, er, and you're living in part of it today. Shame on you!

Just curious, but why do you hate humankind so much whilst simultaneously showing great sympathy for individuals?

I assume your first sentence in which you implied that you hoped your children would die before you was either irony or misplaced syntax. Personally, I keep telling 'SoD' (Son of Duff) that I am determined to be a burden! He reckons I have been practicing for forty years.

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