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Sunday, 09 November 2008


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In terms of breaking news, that ranks right up there with "The sun is hot" and "Rainfall linked to wetness".

Cris, welcome to Duff & Nonsense. Of course, you're right, it isn't very startling to those of us with at least half a brain but I am constantly surprised at the number of otherwise sentient humans who appear to have no brain at all and to whom this will come as a shocking revelation which they will vehemently deny. Hey-ho!

"I am forced to pay for through my taxes"

You are not 'forced to pay for' -- you have a choice of throwing your telly oot the window and being telly (and radio) free.

And even if you were 'forced to pay for' ... that would also be a good thing. Collective farming is also an advance on feudal systems of agriculture.


Will, welcome! But what are you doing over here, you wretched Marxist tyke, you? You should be more careful at your age, you might catch a nasty dose of capitalism.

I am forced to pay that wretched TV tax because I want to watch other stations. Nothing on earth would induce me to watch the 'Baghdad Broadcasting Company'.

"Collective farming is also an advance on feudal systems of agriculture. truefax"

More like 'bollfax'! The only difference was a change in ownership, and please don't tell me that working for the government is better than working for an Earl.

And I do wish you would stick to the really important issues, like, will Newcastle get in the top six of the Champion's League next season?

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