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Monday, 29 December 2008


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Can't say that I agree, David. Slick Willie and W are just two duds in a row. Whether the Blessed One is a dud too may be clear quite soon.

Maybe, but all I was trying to suggest was that the record is mixed and that in time history may judge him more analytically than we can today, not least in deciding whether or not the good decisions outweighed the bad ones in, to quote a phrase, "the long term"! As for 'Oprah' Obama, I tremble, but I hope.

Actually David, normally I don't bother with commenting on an analysis I find myself mostly in agreement with. However, lately I've noticed a dearth of "ego-petting" where you are concerned and so I feel compelled to say, "Spot on."

You are obviously a man of taste and discernment, 'JK', and you may feel free to pet my ego as often as you like - and before I forget, a safe and happy new year to you and yours.

"History" will be very unkind to W, since it's written by leftie Democrat academics.

In spite of the fact that much of what he did in office was pretty Democrat-in-all-but-name anyway.

Yes, indeed, 'DM', history is always written by the victors, and alas, you are spot on in pointing out that in domestic policy he was a Big Spender in the Democratic style. Come back, Ronnie, all is forgiven!


A good analysis. He did much that was good and has some notable failures

It needs to be factored in that he was the head of a coalition administration without an effective majority in Congress. There is a big difference between everything (some mutually exclusive) his supporters wanted him to do and what he could potentially accomplish. He seems to have accomplished a rather large percentage of what was doable. A major success is the appointment to two first class Supreme Court appointments, and much of his second line judicial appointments seem to be of a high quality, Given the nature of the American judicial and political systems that may be his biggest long term success.

BUT we must not forget Bush’s contribution to child nutrition, yes child nutrition.

Wherever liberal parents have small ones they have been saying

“YES little children, it’s True

if you DON’T eat your vegetables

In the middle of the night

the BUSH will get YOU!”

In the long run Bush will get a better reputation because much of the criticism is so far into loony tunes land that will discredit itself with distance.

You are absolutely right, Hank, I forgot to mention the Supreme Court which is, depending on the circumstances, one of the few ways any president can influence the future for a generation. I'm not up on the details but my impression is that perhaps he didn't do quite enough in shifting the balance towards the conservatives and that an 8-year liberal term could soon undo his work. Tell me it ain't so!


It depends on how many Jusitces die or retire and who they are. If Obama get to replace like with like, not much difference, if he gets a chance shift the balacce there could be a big difference. Most of the really old Justices are on the left.

Blast! Those old liberals live long - if only to spite conservatives!

By the way, Happy New Year to you and yours, Hank.

I've been remiss (to my regret) in not getting back to read your wish for me to - in part - enjoy a "safe" New Year.

That may've saved me some distress (at least in the area of my lower back) by whispering in my ear, "We musn't join the Conga Line. These ladies at the old folks home go bonkers when a male joins in."

Best of the New Year for you David. Be merry. Practice "Safe Dance."

"Practice "Safe Dance."" Love it!

Ha! You're all nuts here! Bush has been a disaster. Let's see what else he manages to eff up in his last days!

More to the point, 'SW', let's see what 'Oprah' manages to 'eff' up in the next four years!

I must say,one of the most honest writings I've come across. Not saying I'm 100% on board but I can tell you have thought this through. why not sign your name and a comment to a letter that's going directly to him and his wife.. Honest comments that are well put like yours are always welcome.

Thanks, Dutch, and welcome to Duff & Nonsense. I think, by and large, I prefer to keep my comments here, but it's an interesting idea.

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