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Thursday, 08 January 2009


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Dear God, David, you must see Sweet Charity - it's very striking.

Ah yes, and now for less important matters. If governments insist on trying the splurge approach, it's vital that they don't do it by public spending - it's so wasteful and so hard to reverse. It would be wiser to drop taxes that are easily reversed if needs be - I recommend setting the employers' National Insurance contribution to zero and seeing how that works. If that's too much of a splurge, cut something to balance it. Or put up the petrol tax to claw part of it back.

Even better, of course, see if you can find a way to ameliorate this calamity without bankrupting the state. The Swedes managed it when their banks were kaput (or kaputish) a while back. Typical, innit: Labour spend a couple of generations bleating about the wonders of Sweden, and then when a chance comes to emulate the sobersides Swedes, they funk it.

I know, I know, 'DM', but people like 'Fallenmonk' (see links) actually complain because his government gives him some of his money back! Seriously, he thinks they will spend it better than he can spend, or save it, himself.

Also, see my "Additional" above and follow the links 'Guido' provides - but arm yourself with a stiff scotch first!

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