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Saturday, 31 January 2009


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Don't you think that referring to President Pyjama as "Oprah" is a little rude?

Lèse-majesté! Moi? Non!

The cynical amongst you might think that my use of the nick-name 'Oprah' indicates my suspicion that Obama is a glib, black, power-mad, get-rich-quick merchant with an infinite ability to play on the gullibilities of that large percentile of the population in possession of less than three brain cells; but actually it is intended to indicate that he is really a warm, cuddly, black man staggering under the weight of his empathy for us all and a belief that the problems of the world can be solved on the 'telly' inside an hour (excluding commercial breaks).


I went and looked. From the Territory of American Somoa, which has no Electoral Votes, though it sends voting delgates to nominating conventions, two individuals donated a total of $500.00 to Mr. Obamas's election campaign.

So I think on a sunny day they do not have much clout with Mr. Obama'a organization compared to Ms. Pelosi representing Delmonte.

Here's a wee bit of American history to cheer you up.

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