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Tuesday, 06 January 2009


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I know I speak for all your readers when I say, We would love to see a photo of you all snuggly in your long Johns!

I sit at my computer in China wearing long johns that my parents sent from Canada (presumably bought at Mark's Work Wearhouse). With lack of central heating in Chinese buildings, long johns have never been more valuable to me than they are here. And where I am in China, it really isn't Winter at all. At least not a Canadian Winter.

Sorry, 'SW', but I just know that the you and the other ladies would be too, too, overcome with palpitations at the sight. You might think you're a tough cookie, but the sight of me in my 'long Johns' would instantly reduce you to ... er, well, I can't quite think of the right word but you know what I mean. Incidentally, the little 'Memsahib' is now possessed of her own laptop and the first site I directed her to was, of course, ''.

Andis, I'm glad you arrived here in my 'Comments' because I picked up the fact that you had linked to one of my posts and I wanted to say thanks. Unfortunately your site is one of those that requires registration and I tend to avoid them like the plague not least because they bombard you thereafter with solicitations. You seem to live in a fascinating part of the world so perhaps you should get yourself a blog because I think you would quickly find some regular readers.

I saw a chap in shorts today. He was standing in Ladbroke's. There must be a lesson there.

Perhaps his full-length kecks had been taken to the cleaners by those nice people at Ladbrokes and he was in there trying to win them back; but dare one ask, 'DM', what you were doing in such a Godless den of iniquity, and did it win by a short head, and is Mrs. 'DM' aware of your sinful pastime?

I don't know but I think we should be told!

I was wearing my Helly Hansen long johns throughout most of this experience.

Thanks for the link, Tim, and I would urge everyone to read it. You will learn more about the 'real' Russia from Tim's blog than any number of expert analyses. It also reminded me that my whimperings concerning the activities of Jack Frost over here would have the average Russian snorting with derision.

Early in 2008, at the age of 63, I opted to take advantage of T.J. Hughes' special offer on 'thermal underwear. When I got the store there were only vests left and so I sidled up to the counter, where there was a large queue, and mumbled something about the absence of thermal pants to the assistant, who promptly bellowed to her mate,

"Have we got any long Johns left!"

I was mortified but she did find me two pairs.

Be proud, John Williams, and come out of the closet, you have nothing to lose but your dignity! By the way, welcome to Duff & Nonsense.

The truth is David I went back to Teejay's and bought three more sets of, ahem, thermal combinations, only last week.;-)

Such profligacy! Anyway, looks like you're still waiting for all that global warming to hit!

They were much reduced David and yes I am still waiting for any tangible benefits of a climate change; as is my brass monkey.:-)

Well, keep polishing it, it's one way to keep warm!

Will do.:-)

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