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Monday, 19 January 2009


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The latest album by that old singer Seasick Steve is called,

I started with nothing and I've still got most of it left.

Sorry about the double post but that gatekeeper code went wrong somewhere.

No problem, John, I snipped out the repetition. 'Seasick Steve' (who he?) is obviously one of life's great philosophers!

He's a very entertaining blues type singer who was discovered late in life David.

He was lucky then, I'm late in life but no one's discovered me yet!

I know the feeling I've taken to sticking postit notes on my forehead displaying my use by date.

I know the feeling!

It's fun griping about old age, isn't it?

Why is there no farewell here to John Mortimer? Have I missed it?

To be frank, 'SW', I don't know that much about him. He created the wonderful TV character of Rumpole and wrote, as I dimly recall, a quite good semi-autobiographical play for TV called "A Voyage Round my Father" - which his father may or may not have thought impertinent. From what I have picked up via the prints he was an impressive 'swordsman' despite being fat and ugly; particularly irritating to me given that I, of course, am slim and handsome but hopeless with women! He appeared to be one of those romantic (ie, soppy) liberals which is endearing provided they are kept away from power, but also had more than a touch of the Whig grandee about him, that is, a tendency to know better than us ordinary people what was good for us - and also, of course, like all Whigs, he had a firm belief that rules of good behaviour were for 'the little people' not for members of the intelligentsia like himself.

(Nobody beats up the dead better than me!)

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