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Tuesday, 27 January 2009


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Thank you very much. It is an excellent quote, gladly received. I have never seen it before, but then I'm afraid to say my reading of the Russkies hasn't yet stretched to the most famous one of them. By the way, have you discovered yet? All kinds of old and out-of-copyright books can be found. (Search under "Texts", and, if needs be, use an American proxy-server to download the Google-scanned ones.) It has saved me quite a lot of money, though it has cost me some sleep. Indeed I have read too much recently, and my little brain cannot cope.

You may delete the repetition, if you like, or keep it, as you see fit. And you may delete this one too, if you so choose, though if you do delete the repetition, but choose not to delete this one . . . well, it'll look odd, won't it? Especially now that I've gone on about it.

Ah, the repetition is everything. It's so postmodern!

By the way, I loved War and Peace. According to my father, I read it when I was 2 years old (I get younger and younger in his retelling of this.)

Consider yourself 'snipped', 'Deogalwulf', and don't worry, oddity is our trademark, here at D&N!

'Sister Wolf', I can only suppose you achieved that amazing muscle tone of yours by also using your copy of War and Peace as an exercise weight. The key question, I feel, is whether in that case it did more for your mind or your body?

Thanks a million, 'Deogalwulf', - - there goes my social life and my marriage! My God, you could spend an entire lifetime in there, in fact, several lifetimes!

Splendid, isn't it? There is no better way to ignore family and friends.

To return the favour, although I suspect you already know it: is first class for finding old or out of print books. They seem to have the entire English-speaking world at their finger tips.

I think I've bought from abebooks a couple of times. At the moment, however, I am trying to cut back the expenditure.

"I feel your pain"!

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