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Saturday, 10 January 2009


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And wasn't 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' with Alec Guinness just the best tv series ever..?

Simply superb! I keep turning my mind to TV productions (other than comedy) which deserve the description of 'classic' in that one would be happy to see them again. Only two are definitely lodged, Tinker, Tailor ... and Conspiracy. However, there is one other but I hesitate to push it forward because I am relying on my memory - usually fatal - and that was the 1970s/80s series "The Brothers" which I am amazed to find that you can buy from Amazon! I just seem to recall excellent acting and story lines and dialogue that were as good as Ayckbourn at his best. Oops, sorry, I am reminded of another excellent series which I happened to catch in passing as the 'Memsahib' was watching it during the afternoons recently, and that was Tenko. Superb acting and very high production values. And then again, whilst I never saw it but people who did still speak of it with huge admiration, there is the first series of The Forsyte Saga which again you can buy from Amazon - and that was, to my amazement, filmed in 1967! (Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself?)

Rock Follies was pretty good. So was a comedy-drama series with Robbie Coltrane, name lost to me now; pre-Cracker, anyway. The Goodies? Reggie Perrin? Magic Roundabout? Alas, these all fail your "other than comedy" test. Got it: there was a Beeb series of the Shakespeare history plays - early 60s, I should think. Anyway, I gather that you don't rate Jewel in the Crown, Brideshead or P & P?

'DM', thanks, I have transferred you comment to the thread of my "Sunday rumble for 11/1/09" where it is more appropriate.

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