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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


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OF course one hates the middle class, but which class is preferable then? Just wondering! xo

MY class! Small, I grant you, but exceedingly exclusive consisting, as it does, of just one person - me. As in me, Me, ME!

Middle in intelligence; middle in imagination; middle in sensitivity; middle in compassion; middle in all things in the hope that if the balance swings up or down they can shift their allegiance to the stronger side - but only, ever for the instant.

Tony, greetings and welcome to D&N. Sorry it has taken me a while to respond but I am just back from France - where you are based, I notice.

Your succinct summary encapsulates the best, and the worst, of the bourgoisie. They infuriate me, too, despite my being a fully paid-up member. Through gritted teeth I am forced to conclude that their effect as a sheet anchor to society is, on the whole, to be desired.

Dear David, thankyou for responding to my rather splenetic outburst. I do agree with you when you commend their contribution as 'a sheet anchor to society' but since I'm involved in the arts I have the biased tendency to consider them more in the light of being the damp flannel that suffocates. Hope the French visit went well for you. Have a good weekend. Best wishes, Tony

"the damp flannel that suffocates".

Yes, I like that one.

I, too, in a literally amateurish way am involved in the arts but my interest is in theatre and in my club there is a constant war between the traditionalists (who constitute most of our audience), and the modernists (not to say, post-modernists) who constitute more and more of our youthful directors' list. The unpalatable fact, or at least, unpalatable to most contemporary artists (of all disciplines) is that the dreaded middle-classes have the final say, such that, over time, their thumb, either up or down, is the decider. Makes your teeth grind but there it is.

I went over and viewed your paintings and two things struck me. First, you never respond to comments on them. I think that is probably wise in most cases. In my view, reaction to all art is, in the first instance, visceral. In the current jargon, it either presses certain personal buttons or it does not. It is only after the event that one attempts to justify the visceral with the intellect.

Thus, my second re-action to your work was that I instantly warmed to it and if I tell you also that I am a great lover of Paul Klee's work you will know why. Klee was a man who dedicated his life to experimenting with colour and it seems to me that you are doing the same. However, to be honest (and I am never less than honest when it comes to art), I think you now need to move on into greater complexity of form and colour. Feel free to tell me to piss off and mind my own business!

If you check my recent blog entries you will see that France was France, that is, a delight, but the weather was atrocious. C'est la vie!

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