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Tuesday, 14 April 2009


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NK is China's yelping doghound, loosely chained, and no regular records of vaccinations kept to ensure "neighbors" that the dog isn't rabid.

China holds a uh... "well a bunch" of US Treasury bonds (ie "debt" - owed to China itself). Whether China would be willing to truly allow it's doghound full access to the entire yard; and thus have to extend further credit (probably in the form of US Treasury bonds) in order to then ... heck all China would have to do is call in it's loans.

I don't know David. Using NK is (in my humble and sometimes in-astute prognosticating) opinion, not the cheapest means of defeating it's foe. It seems to me that simply ending the line of credit would do that, And no one except bankers and the odd missionary who has his 401-K heavily invested in China stocks would be likely to spill any real blood.

Now as to Iran?

Fruitloops all.


Even though the rescue was done by military personnel it was under police rules of engagement, which is how certain portions of the oleft think things should be done. Doing something under Military rules of engegemnt will be the test.

Mr Obama, and Ms. Clinton, to whom forithn policy seens to be outsourced, are "Wilsonians" which despite theire self image is very prone to use military force. Most likley uner dubious circumstances.

Well, that's just what I was trying to say in my comments on your post here:

One cheer for the SEALs but 0's still pretty much an America-hater and pacifist in foreign policy.

I told you all this but none of you listened. You all said I was mad.

Mad, d'you hear me?

Ha ha ha aha hahaha !

Eh? What was that? I heard something - a laugh, maybe! My God, does that mean I'm not alone in this lunatic asylum?

Oh, there's nothing Obama could do to make you happy, except apologize for winning the election and then commit suicide.

Where's your rant about Obama and Hugo Chavez??

I would never "rant" against a head of state shaking hands with gangsters like Chavez. That's their job. Anyway, in 'Oprah's' case he must have had plenty of practice, what with learning his politics in Chicago!

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