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Sunday, 05 April 2009


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I must admit to being a softy in the face of the dreaded n-word. So much so I pull up black men, for it's never women, for using it in my presence. It's a nails down a blackboard word for me I'm afraid. When I started out in life it wasn't my intention to become the racial language answer to Mary Whitehouse. Fate does thrust some odd things on one.

I think "igg-word" would be less ambiguous than "n-word", if only because even the polite "negro" seems to be frowned on. Thus people write things like "people of sub-Saharan African descent". 12 syllables rather than 2; there's progress for you.

Try as I might, Clairwil, in my mind I simply cannot link you and the late Mrs. Whitehouse in any respect! As to the word 'nigger', I have always avoided it because it has a long and established history and association with people who hated or despised negros. It is one of those rare epithets which does not require a qualifying word in front of it to indicate the speaker's, or writer's, meaning. For example, 'Paki' is to my mind entirely neutral being simply a diminutive; 'fucking Paki' is anything but neutral! I suspect that low-life blacks, like those portrayed in this film, have simply taken the word 'nigger' and turned it round to make it a badge of honour, much as front-line soldiers often adopt the enemy's insulting epithets as their own.

"Progress", DM? What is this thing called 'progress'? Dunno, but I won't hold my breath waiting!

Is this at all like me using the word Cunt, or not really?

Not really, 'Sis', and do please try and keep your voice down, I have it on very good authority that 'her Maj' is a frequent visitor!

And yet, it is said to be one of Her favorite words!

'We are not amused!'

Have you watched The Shield, about a corrupt LA police force? I've not watched The Wire, but loved The Shield, I'd be interested in what somebody who has seen them both would think.


Happy Easter! xo

I began to watch it, Tim, but then I think a string of social events interfered and I lost the thread and thus my interest. Oddly enough, I watched an episode the other week but the thing is with TV series is that you have to stick with it. Also, I like the fact that runs more or less nightly so that I get into the habit.

But to answer your question, yes, I liked what I saw of The Shield and the moral ambiguities of the 'hero' and his side-kicks; also, I seem to remember in the earlier episodes that the apparently new, squeaky-clean Hispanic mayor turned out to be as bent as a corkscrew.

I wonder, did you catch Law and Order the other night? Not the rather silly American series but the 1980s British version written by G. F. Newman. He wrote a superb book blowing the gaffe on the Flying Squad of those halcyon days when the cops were sort of in cahoots with the robbers (after all, they all came from teh same background) just so long as from time to time some of them were put away - "Well, he's due one", says one of the coppers about a criminal who needed fitting up.

Happy Easter to you, too, Sis.

I wonder, did you catch Law and Order the other night?

On Sakhalin TV?!!! Hardly!

Duh! Sorry, Tim, thumb up bum and mind in neutral. So no change there, then!

They are just running the last few episodes over here and from the synopsis it looks as though all is lost for Vic and his buddies.

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