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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


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Don’t hold it back, John. Tell us how much you REALLY hate the Romans/socialists.

Your error, DD, is to use Middle Class in the singular. If you pluralise it (if there be such a verb) you will see immediately that there is a middle class that sucks at the state's teat (many of its members are fit for little else) and other middle classes whose members are scattered across their own businesses, other people's businesses, the professions, and so on, who don't.

Correction: "many of its members are fit for little else" might be better as "many of its members suspect themselves to be fit for little else".

I know, I know, 'NNW', it's my middle-class upbringing, I just can't bring myself to tell it the way it is!

Sorry, 'DM', but I did make what I thought was a careful definition by referring to "middle-class socialists". Of course, middle-class entrpreneurs, particularly those splendid fellows in the second-hand car trade, are to be much admired!

I think you're wrong.

Socialism is rooted in Plato's idea of Philosopher Kings. Only clever people should determine what is in the interests of the collective. Sure, there's a lot of rhetoric about the working classes but the interest in Socialism amongst the genuinely working class is peripheral at best and has been so throughout the entire history of the movement. Were Owen, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao the Fabians, or any of the leading thinkers actually working class? The exceptions are rare.

A generation ago, Socialists in Britain really did idolise the British working class. There was a genuine respect which manifested itself in ways that allowed the working class to better themselves. I'm thinking of phenomena like the Workers Education Association. Institutions rooted in the ideal of self improvement. That respect has now gone. Socialists, in my experience, despise the actual working classes - for their choices, for their attitudes, for their attire. That's particularly true for the white working classes. These people exist to be helped; but the help is not designed to allow them an escape. It is a self perpetuating system with the ultimate benefiters being those who claim to help. They get to feel good about themselves without achieving any real change and get a safe career.

Those people are indisputably middle class. Socialism has always helped the bureaucratic classes and they have invariably been middle class.

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