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Thursday, 02 April 2009


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You know, I actually would love some homemade meatloaf and coleslaw for my dinner. Unfortunately the man of the house doesn't care for either!

Joolzgirl, welcome to Duff & Nonsense,of course, but how can I put this carefully? He is not for you! Any man who does not like meatloaf and coleslaw is unworthy of your love. Now, have you ever considered an older man . . . ?

Incidentally, and for what it's worth, this is the 'Memsahib's' recipe for coleslaw which might vary slightly from time to time depending on what's left around the kitchen:

Chopped white cabbage, carrot shavings, sweet corn, dried apricots, diced apple, sultanas and/or raisins, all mixed in Helman's mayonnaise.

For those with a stronger palate than me you could always add some curry powder to the mayo' but I like it unadulterated. Terrific as a side dish to a pizza; and the next day, for lunch, I sometimes have an open sandwich with some Brunswick ham covered in the remains of the coleslaw.

Dear David Duff
I have been keenly reading your comments in Sister Wolf's little rant for a while now and only today ventured into your domain. I have merely scratched the surface at the moment but shall certainly catch up.
The good sister's profanities are beginning to bore me and I need further stimulation.
I believe you might just be my man.
Happy Easter from Cairns in Australia (it is raining here as it must for every Easter. I think it is a law.)

"I believe you might just be my man".

Ah, a woman of taste and discernment! (Er, you are a woman, I trust?) Anyway, welcome to D&N, Andra, and unsurprisingly it is raining here as well. Normally I would agree with you concerning blogs which produce a steady stream of profanities but 'Sis' does it with such style and, I suspect, her tongue firmly in cheek - well, some of the time.

My knowedge of Australian geography being virtually non-existent, I have just looked up Cairns via Google. I came across this quote:

"That's what I took away from Cairns: palm trees and piss-ups. It was perfect."

I am occasionally less than complimentary about Australia and its inhabitants but you will soon realise that it all stems from an unhappy life throughout which your cricket team has thrashed ours with monotonous regularity. Anyway, if I step out of line just hit me with a billabong - whatever that is!

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