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Monday, 27 April 2009


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If there be any good news in all of this, I note at least - no one seems to be warning of any coming alcohol shortages.

Now that really would be serious!

I'm glad I had a barbeque that day now!

A barbeque! I am shocked! For two pins I'd report you to that nice Dr. Hansen who wants to lock people up who disagree with him.

When I was in school, as part to effort to teach us how to do research, we were given the assignmet to source check the footnotes in books of current note. My fellow students who got Erlich's book trudged to the library and pulled down the tome's of UN statistical year books (well that is one thing the UN does well.) They reported that he had the publishers address correct and the page numbers were the correct order, but other than that none of his numbers were even close.

GIGO>Newsweek on the first Earth Day. This is not a spoof.

Hank, that is priceless! I have added Dennis Dutton to my 'favourites list', he looks interesting at a quick glance. I already have the Daily Debate site on it, although I haven't visited for a while.

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