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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


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Wisdom of Crowds

It seems to me that a Conservative must believe in the wisdom of crowds. However that means leaving people alone to live their lives free from government interference. The wisdom will emerge from lots of people making mistakes and learning from them.

When politicians discuss the wisdom of crowds they usually mean the wisdom of re-electing them.

Incidentally your "Having been elected, every MP should face an open-to-all reselection process prior to the second election he or she faces thereafter, that is, they 'enjoy' two parliaments before facing their party activists again." is problematic.

If we believe that the state knows best then we have a right to intervene in the free organisation of parties and insist they organise their affairs in accord with what the state deems best. However, if we believe that the state should have no say in how parties are organised (because we believe that citizens should be free to make foolish choices) then this is a silly idea.

Well, because I am not a Conservative I have little difficulty disbelieving in the wisdom of crowds!

I take your point concerning state interference in political parties but to paraphrase the old saying 'the state, it's us', I really don't think that insisting that MPs should face reselection by their own parties is a great imposition.

Wisdom of Crowds

reminds me of a quote from Men In Black

Edwards: Why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it.

Kay: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

Welcome to D&N, pussy cat, and I think Kay has it about right.

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