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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


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That's ... actually, not suprising.

Although if you'd kept the country out of this post, I'd have guessed 'Netherlands' rather than Sweden...

WKPD he say:-
"In Sweden, the "Sterilization Act of 1934" provided for the voluntary sterilization of some mental patients. The law was passed while the Swedish Social Democratic Party was in power, though it was also supported by all other political parties in Parliament at the time, as well as the Lutheran Church and much of the medical profession.[92] From about 1934 to until 1975, Sweden sterilized more than 62,000 people....Sweden sterilized more people than any other European state except Nazi Germany...
Sweden's large-scale eugenics program targeted the deviant and the mentally ill. Most sterilizations were voluntary[citation needed] (though voluntary does not necessarily mean free from persuasion or exhortation), but nine per cent of the sterilized were more or less forced to do so."

Sweet Christ, sometimes life is really, really depressing!

Well, it's Sweden. They are very progressive and tolerant there and pity the politician who doesn't show this. Then there is the whole question of appeasing people of certain religion. Because you really don't want to be labeled a intolerant in the progressive and tolerant Sweden:

Gynaecologist Lars Hamberger in Gothenburg confirmed to SvD that the abortion trips are a known fact. He expressed understanding for the women.

"If they have three, four girls and are from Turkey the demands on them to produce a boy are strong."

And here's me thinking that the worst thing about Sweden was Wallander

'Pun' and John, sorry for the delay in responding which will be explained above.

'Pun', in so far as I ever think of Sweden, I imagine it to be a bit like North Korea with a smile; or perhaps, a country run by Nurse Ratched.

John, you're spot on. I only managed one episode of 'Wallander' despite being a Branagh fan. Too, too tedious! By the way, I enjoyed your blog and I will make a real effort to put it on my side-bar, er, when I remember where I left my side-bar, and when I remember how to do it!

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