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Saturday, 02 May 2009


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The momentum is building rapidly. I think we'll see Gordon ousted before this month is over.

Hopefully, if that does happen, Labour will still go down to defeat in the next GE.

Maybe, Julia, but I doubt the political courage of virtually every Labour politician of note. (NB: Hazel Blears opening her mouth and letting her belly rumble, and then rushing round saying she didn't really mean it! I mean, pathetic, or what?) I think it will take an outside event to force their hands, like a failed bond sale. Also, if a new leader took over, I do not think the GBP (Great British Public) would welcome him or her carrying on as the second non-elected prime minister for much more than a 2 or 3 months befoe they would demand an election. Either way, I fervently pray that the GBP sticks a dagger through Labour's heart - not because they are Labour but because they are a useless and corrupt bunch of idiots led by a looney.

Oh no, David. Because they are Labour too. I want to see them destroyed utterly so that we can revert to Whigs vs Tories.

Oh alright then, 'DM', you talked me into it!

I heard a Labour MP on the radio this morning (dunno which one, all the same to me). He was boasting that Labour have never defenestrated an encumbent PM, and drew a contrast with the number of times the Tories have.

They don't seem to appreciate that loyalty to a leader ceases to be a virtue once the leader is revealed as a basket case.

Hopefully another month of Gordon's blunders followed by a complete drubbing in June these fatheads will wake up and get rid of the mobile-hurling mucophagic freak.

I'm not sure whether it wouldn't be better to keep him in the job until the end, thus, reminding and further enraging the populace.

Incidentally, welcome to D&N, Dave, particularly when you come up with a new word (to me) like "mucophagic. I just love new words and the chance to scour my giant OED. As best as I can translate it, you seem to be implying that our one-eyed master is possessed of a virus which parasitizes his mucus in which it reproduces itself. Delicious!

I have never relished giving a link to another site just as much as the one provided by your good self, David. As you might read, I have tried to inject just that extra bit of venom, because, as a very successful retailer keeps pointing out; Every Little Helps!

Indeed it does, Mike, and I have expressed my thanks over at your place which, incidentally, I must try and remember to add to my blog roll, er, that's when I remember how to do it!

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