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Friday, 26 June 2009


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One good thing about being in China is I don't have to be subjected to the constant media over kill about MJ. Still, his death is big news here.

Why don't you buy yourself a MP3 player and download some podcasts? Laying besides my wife I am listening to Radio Derb, Hugh Hewitt, G. Gordon Liddy, EconTalk, to name a few. All full of sensible talk.

Hello, Andis. My son suggested the same thing and it sounds like a good idea for holidays but for the purposes of falling asleep at night I find I need something that is only slightly interesting and with a fairly fast change-over of subjects - lest one becomes too interested and remain awake. Radio 5 Live is usually pretty good in that respect but when some celeb hits the news they lose their heads and their sense of proportion!

How's that little 'demon' of yours? I keep an eye on your blog and he looks to be at that age where he's into everything. Never mind, with children its the first 30 years that are the worst!

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