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Saturday, 13 June 2009


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Thanks, David, but kudos to Watts and McIntyre for their excellent blogs. They and their various chums make it clearer than ever that much of the stuff passed off as "Climate Science" is a bloody embarrassment, being often woefully incompetent and sometimes, I suspect, dishonest.

I am particularly impressed by McIntyre's self-denying ordinance, by which he audits various studies, shows them to be bunkum, but refrains from the pleasure of denouncing the roguery behind them, or the witless policies advanced as a consequence.

Watts has done a splendid job showing how crummy the US temperature measurement system is. It's so poor that, although I think it's perfectly plausible that it's a wee bit warmer now than in, say, the 1920s, it's rather hard to demonstrate it with temperature data in which you can much confidence.

Exactly so, 'DM'!

(And for once I am as concise as you!)

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