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Sunday, 07 June 2009


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Word to the wise. The National Trust for Scotland probably needs your money more and may be less politically objectionable. Membership gives you entry to all the National Trust properties free. It may even (I haven't checked) be cheaper. If you join one and your better half the other, you'll get both sets of literature, cheap offers, and so forth.

No, no, 'DM', the whole thing is a blasted racket from the 1940s. The National [Socialist] Trusts of Anywhere are the equivalent of those fat nazis who got rich selling off impounded Jewish property. I was born about as low lower middle-class as you can get but I am perfectly content if the landed gentry continue to enjoy their property. If they had been left alone, instead of being subjected to daylight robbery, most of them are cute enough to relish a few more bob and their lovely buildings and parks would have been open to the public to enjoy - at a price - and probably a smaller price than the inflated charges made by the N[S]T and all those snooty ladies standing around as though they were the owners!

Sorry, sorry, you've touched a sensitive spot, I must go and take a wee dram of Scottish medicine!

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