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Wednesday, 17 June 2009


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I have just been moved by your request to donate £5

A difficult one to ignore. I have just made a donation.

Simon! Fancy meeting you down this dark alley leading to D&N! I never realised you were a visitor. Good to see you again the other night and I'm sorry I had to get away rather quickly but I had a 2-hour drive in front of me.

Brian, good to hear from you again.

Well done the RSS-ers even if the rest of my readers have suddenly gone on the missing list! Despite that I have just sent Mercy Ships my £25 anyway.

Every little helps, so thanks for your contribution.

Sorry, I'm a bit late to this post but I've made a donation.

Now if you'll permit me to do a bit of chugging of my own and request a small loan to the business of your choice with these folk . The minimum loan is twenty five US dollars which I think works out at around £13.00 and as it's a loan one tiny donation can be lent repeatedly. I'm currently in the Rum and fashion business.

Well done, Clairwil, consider yourself covered in kisses - er, not be me, of course, too, too, grisly!

Yes, I know about KIVA and I have it logged on my 'Favourites' list but have never got around to doing anything about it. I think it is an excellent way of helping people and, of course, it appeals to the capitalist in me. (Must do something about it!)

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