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Friday, 05 June 2009


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I can't think of one who inspires me, that's for sure. I do have a sneaking regard for Anne Widdecombe, she has the courage of her convictions, is a no-nonsense old trout and gives a good interview.

Sadly, she's absolutely barking!

Good morning, Julia, and you're right, old 'Widdie' is a splendid old war-horse.

I have been reflecting on my 'grumpy old man' post, see above.

Horrid Harbinger is the pits.


I would you remind you of the words of the Rabbi in "Fiddler on the Roof" "Women are the most wonderful of God's creatures - thank God he made a man."

Is not Lady Thather a woman? Certainly a more capable statesman than the current crop, male or female.

As always, 'DM', pithy and to the point!

Tut, tut, Hank, you have not read me carefully enough - take a hundred lines! I made mention of the 'Blessed Margaret' and emphasised that she made it in a man's world under man-made rules.

"By and large they are useless"... er no David; with regard to womankind I cannot agree with you on that. However when it comes to the realm of politics, you have a point and today's Neu Arbeit party really seems to out-do itself when it comes to ghastly women. For example, Jackboot Jaqui and Harridan Harperson hold the supreme accolade of being even vomit inducing than the Tory Virginia Bottomley, and believe you me, that is no mean feat!

However, there is always the odd exception. Kate Hoey justifiably commands a huge amount of admiration and respect. Also never let us forget another truly wonderful woman; this nation's greatest ever sovereign, and one of the outstanding characters of history. I am of course referring to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 1st.

It is not too difficult to come up with other examples.



Excuse me while I pull my foot out of my mouth.


There, I promise to read your profound words of undying wisdom more carefully in the future

Hello, Richard, what's a nice bloke like you doing in a squalid internet dump like this? Actually, my admiration for Elizabeth II grows and grows with the passage of time.

Hank, you are graciously forgiven on account of your long service and (hitherto) good conduct in being such a regular reader!

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