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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


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"...semi-educated smart Alecs here sneering, not at the thickoes with no vocabulary, but at the people who are genuinely shocked at this example of abysmal ignorance. "

Learning's for squares, man! Gotta feel, not think, ya know?

'Oh yeah, feelins, thas's righ, er, but I dunno wot that means, iver!'

'Despotic tyranny' - wouldn't that be a 'tautology'?

Hello, Louise, good to see you out and about and I hope that augers well for you.

There has been a considerable discussion on the somewhat careless language used by the examiner. One particular Eng. Lang. swot claimed that it was not a tautology because the word 'despotic' implies cruel, arbitrary rule by one person where-as the word 'tyranny' is simply cruel and arbitrary rule by any number of people, say, the tyranny of a majority.

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