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Tuesday, 16 June 2009


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" I am forced to ask myself if life under the mullahs in Tehran and the enforced adherence to strict Muslim discipline is necessarily worse than life in a British or American city under the brutal indifference of liberal licence?"

Oh, come now. Teenagers hanging from cranes in the middle of streets, women buried to their waists while men chuck huge rocks at them, women forced into state-approved houses of prostitution, a leader who sees auras around people when he speaks to them at the UN, who believes in a hidden imam killing all the infidels, who denies the holocaust, who wants to erase an entire country from the map because he hates their race. Yeah, difficult choice.

Not too difficult, Dom, when you read almost daily of teenagers (and others) regularly shot or stabbed by feral gangs of youths (girls as well as boys), down and outs attacked and set fire, rape as a norm, city (or even small town) centres no-go areas for the elderly on Fridays and Saturdays because of drunken rampaging, no-go areas for indigenous Brits in their own country, government-run social services who sit idly attending diversity training courses whilst children are being tortured to death, governed by a one-eyed psycho who believes he has a divine right to rule and refuses to face the people (or even his own party) in an election. . . oh, I could go on and on but I'm depressed enough already. But sure, Dom, whatever you say!

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