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Monday, 08 June 2009


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I suppose wrecking the economy so much as to leave their successors without any options is all that Gordon Brown can do now.

I heard that Ed Balls chap on the telly yesterday, for the first time. He has a rather unmanly voice - somewhat unformed, like an adolescent's, and with the hint of a lisp.

Indeed, Ross, and one can only hope that he's as useless at that as he is in everything else - but sod's law in this he will succeed!

'DM', I have always tried to supress feelings of unreasoning hatred but with the Balls, man and wife, I just let it all come out and enjoy it!

They are also scared of the feral overclass with suck them dry
with their unearned and untaxed expenses and bonuses.

Strange you forgot to mention them. Or perhaps not.

This “feral” underclass with grow ever greater once the Tories start implementing their cuts cuts cuts vision of the future. The people will grow poorer under your vision as the economic benefits of migration disappear; I wonder who you would start blaming then. The blacks again or the Jews again?

But lets face it your vision of a world split into North Koreas will not happen, world trade and a more inter dependent world are here to stay, even the Tories understood that when they got us into Europe in the first place. You are the Morris dancers of the political world.

Nothing strange about me not mentioning the former heads of our Banks who were allowed, inded, encouraged by George Brown to operate the way they did under a totally useless tri-partite oversight regime designed by, er, well, George Brown, actually! Nor did I mention that if that very same George Brown and Ed Balls were company directors they would be up the Old Bailey for operating an Enron-style off the books accountancy scheme for running our national accounts. Do you happen to know, Brian, how much we all owe on PFI schemes and state employee pensions? Thought not. And you next comment is ...?

Mr/Ms White, welcome to D&N.

First they are not "Tory cuts" they are Labour cuts which despite the outright lies of George Brown can be found in the Treasury's own books as the Institute for Fiscal Affairs discovered. It matters not if the Tories, the LibDems or, God help us, the BNP form the next goverment, those cuts will go ahead or the country will go broke and have to call in the IMF.

There are indeed economic benefits to be had from immigrants, but there are also costs involved - all those newcomers use our hospitals, our schools, our social security systems and so on; and in too many numbers they cause a great deal of social angst, as 'The People' have just indicated via the ballot box. Unless"attention is paid" they may resort to methods far removed from the ballot box in the future. No doubt you, and the comrades, will be equally surprised! But then again, if you didn't spend your time indulging in student politics and waving dimwitted slogans at demos, you might be more in touch with the people you pretend to care about so much.

I agree with your implied general point concerning the inter-dependence of the world as it shrinks. A subject for another day, perhaps.

You seem to think that imposing slightly more control on immigration will stop "people" resorting to unspecified methods, all you call them are "far removed from the ballot box". Your Enoch Powellesque scare mongering lies poisons the debate and serves the BNP and the fascists. But then again I can't see the difference between you and the BNP.

The social angst you are so concerned about was far greater under the Tories than New Labour. We had riots, record unemployment and high crime rates.

As for your cuts arggument, it shows me that you know zero about economics and confirms to me that you are an absolute idiot. You must have the most deluded monumental ego to set up a site spilling out this nonsense.

Well, given that handbag-swinging hissy-fit, I assume it must be Ms. White, so 'calm down, dear', it's only a blog!

No time just now to deal with your somewhat confused and confusing argument but I will do my best tomorrow.

You don't "deal" with anything, you just spew out unsubstantiated

All right, Dear, in that case I won't bother.

If you are correct and the next period will be one of severe cuts,
will this not extend to the immigration service and therefore lead to an increase in the "flood" of immigrants.

So to sum up, on one hand you call for cuts and on the other call for more government action. I am Confused???????

Maybe we should tell the Ghurkhas to sod off as part of this
cuts drive or ask rich overpaid celebs like Miss Lumley to pay
more tax.

Brian, you appear to have difficulty reading, probably as a result of passing through our 'Edukashun Non-Servis' recently. I didn't "call" for cuts (although they will not all be bad), I was simply repeating what it says in Gordon Brown's own Budget book and if you find little pictures easier to understand then go here and look at a photocopy of the relevant paragraph:

The cuts are coming whoever is in government!


I think you are calling for cuts actually. It is a philosophy of the right to call for cuts in public expenditure. There is currently a debate among bourgeois politicians about this very subject, the centre left call for more public expenditure, the centre right less. You clearly line yourself with the centre right. In that case how will you fund this war on immigrants and the feral underclass? Give the people an answer.

Well, Brian, in this particular post I did not call for cuts but you are perfectly correct in assuming that I am in favour of them - and anyway they are inevitable. Your question as to how much and where is also a fair one. It has been rumbling round the back of what passes for my mind and if you can wait a bit I think I will post on the subject later today. Given the extraordinary times we live in post the economic tsunami I think it is time for our leaders to take a long, cold, hard, geo-political and grand strategic overview of Britain in the 21st century. I will try and chip in my penny's worth later today.

By the way, my name is David not 'Dave' and I am the Founder, President-for-Life (and so far the sole member) of S.A.D., the Society Against Diminutives!


Look forward to that.

I always think diminutives are more matey.

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