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Friday, 12 June 2009


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I'd be interested to know how the arithmetic stacks up on my own solution to the public pension problem. (1) Your current pension deal holds while you are on your current contract (I'm assuming that the pension rights are contractual). On accepting a promotion, or similar change of contract, you automatically cease to be an active member of the pension scheme, becoming a deferred member. Naturally, new employees don't get to join the scheme.
Since practically everyone under 45 (or 50?) will decide to accept any promotion offered, even at the cost of restricted pension rights, huge savings would accrue in short order. There you are. Next!

I hereby appoint you my Chancellor of the Exchequer, Darling, er, I mean Dearieme, I mean ... oh hell you know what I mean!

The PM doesn't get to appoint the Chancellor any more.

Ah! I'd forgotten that. Well, you can be much more important and powerful, you can be my SpAd!

I am stunned by the utter insanity of your proposals

Davina, welcome to D&N, in fact, double welcome. Most visitors are bored rigid by my proposals but at least I succeeded in 'stunning' you!

Feel free to spell out exactly where-in lies the insanity.

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