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Tuesday, 07 July 2009


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I'll not bother posting links (but I reckon you probably know I can - but it'd take me some time to find "open source"). The sub did transit the Suez, and the Saudis have agreed "in principle" to overflights.

Some of us Yanks are far more interested in foreign policy than what is "in the works" domestically. Primarily due to anything coming out of Congress to "fix" stuff is pig lipstick.

Alas, it's not too difficult that any foreign government would have to be as empty headed as your own to not recognize that placing troop numbers insufficient to actually go in and finish the damn thing, necessarily results in long, drawn out affairs that only succeed at building up huge expenses.

(Short version reply.)

"A not very surprising result from the latest Rasmussen poll in the States shows 'Oprah's' dis-approval rating exceeding his approval rating."

It's got a fair way to go yet, mark my words.

I was careful, 'JK', to write "most" Americans, not 'all', and for sure, stupidity is not confined to just one side of the pond!

Julia, you are right, of course, and depending on the circs, the fall could be of catastrophic, Carter-ish proportions.

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