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Friday, 21 August 2009


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Someone should keep a list called "What if GWB ...". What if GWB had referred to the 57 states, or quoted the bible, or had a brother still living in poverty. It's amazing the cover the US media is giving this man.

Dom, talking of GWB, 'I Hate the Media' have an ironicla 'YouTube' featuring 'Dubya' giving an address to the Congress and warning that the social security prgramme was heading towards bankruptcy and he reminded the Dems that they had defeated his Bill to reduce the costs. Huge cheers from the Dems and a close-up of 'HilBilly' laughing fit to bust. Yesterday, Obama scooted town for his hols just before the announcement was made that the American defit was likely to be 9 trillion not 7 trillion.

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