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Thursday, 27 August 2009


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It's not what you think! (Well, except maybe in SouthCarolina....) ;)

Pretty much everything is fried in it. And it's deeeeeeeee-licious!


I rather think the bacon grease is a base ingredient in Texas Chilli as made by the experts

No Texas is a place where passports are required. One use is for cornbread, another is for sunscreen. "Apparently" the others are confined to Univerity research. And chiggers - pc'd? chigroes.

There are of course other uses (I'm told).

Dayyam David, you'un got jes bout the drawl right.

Thanks, Julia, that's a weight off my mind!

Mike, that link had me crying with laughter. I can't abide chilli anything so I really felt for Judge #3.

I say, 'JK', old chap, I really am spiffingly chuffed at your kind words on my accent.

AS JK is a dear friend of mine.. if he doesn't know what the bacon Greese is for I will tell you...... in the south it is used for salad dressing.... we don't use that bottled stuff in stores... we make what is called wilted salad...... Hot bacon greese and lettuce..... LOL.... don't laugh until youve tried it....

The young woman who did the scholarship on that reminds me that bacon grease is an acceptable substitute (for women) hairspray and (for men) hair gel - should they have any. It is also useful (for men) in the case they're bald, it'll keep ballcaps on on windy days. It can be rubbed into the armpits (if there's no baking soda handy) for preparing for church services.

There's a few thousand other uses but in keeping with the high standards of D&N (and knowing Her Majesty is a regular reader might still be concerned) I'll leave it there.

Renee, welcome to D&N, any friend of 'JK' is a friend of mine. I am being forced to take this idea of bacon grease seriously. I suppose it might be something like beef dripping which the little 'Memsahib' keeps religiously and then uses later for various culinary purposes. Being an utterly effete, wet Englishman, I rather recoil at the thought of pouring hot bacon grease over lettuce but as we say over here, don't knock it if you haven't tried it. And as Julia, up above, recommends it - and I never argue with her! - then I suppose it might have to be considered and even tried. One problem is that I suspect the bacon 'over here' is very different from 'over there', for example, the first thing that appears when you fry a rasher here is the water with which it has been impregnated! My son's partner is Czech and she comes from a small village in Moravia where they still keep pigs in their back gardens and the bacon she brings over is simply stunning! Oddly enough, there has been quite a bit of newspaper talk recently that more and more people in the UK have taken to keeping a pig or two for that very reason I suppose.

'JK', you are, as always, a gentleman and a scholar but might I suggest that should you be thinking of renewing old friendships that you stand downwind!

JK performed a useful service for you foreigners.

While we're talking about pigs, my teenager has it in his head to buy and roast a suckling pig on a friend's front lawn. Something about annoying people. You don't think he got this from me, do you??

Perish the thought, 'Sis', and your lad has his mother's brains, not just roasting a suckling pig (excellent taste!) but doing it on someone else's lawn! Boy should go far, er, if he lives long enough!

Well, so long as he saves the drippings and he does it where guys run around in pick-ups carrying tow chains, and the grass he kills is made up of gravel spray-painted green...

what's the problem?

Apparently David my friend, you've never had the experience of looking up from the roadbed and asking, "How the hell do they keep their yard so green and manicured in the winter?"

(This has nothing to do with bacon fat.)

It's gravel and spray-paint. The "true" Southerners were way ahead of the internet's inventor, even though our cows fart we don't gas unnecessarily by having lawns to mow.

Well, there you go, never underestimate 'a good ol' boy'!

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