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Wednesday, 12 August 2009


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David, you must be careful in your use of language. Decrepit ol' fellows like me are laible to suffer strokes when we come upon, "up and down like a whore's drawers..."

I don't know that Mr Ban Ki is just "covering all the bases" but I can say this, at least as far as Arkansas (USA) is concerned, except for the more than occasional dramatic cool down immediately preceeding a tornado warning, it's been hotter'n a whore on nickel night.

'JK', ma old granpappy tol' me that a whore on a nickel night ain't worth a dime!

Er, did I get I get the accent right, old chap?

Ya jes godda be de fus to hander yer nickel. An' yeppers fo de mos part, jes drawl mo.

Thanks, 'JK', I'll take that as a yes!

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