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Monday, 31 August 2009


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I'm convinced. If your little scam succeeds, then you can be my dad, too!

Aw, shucks, Dom, that makes me feel real proud!

MMMMMMM if the price is right I will step forward as the father.

Personally I find it a bit disturbing that in the photo of Mike's kids ( yes we were that close) that you posted .... that little Prince Michael..... is holding a MJ doll.... isn't that just a bit grotesque??

A ridiculously transparent excuse to show off your manly equipment!

Sister Wolf?

Don't you recognize sock-stuffed drawers when you see 'em?

Oh God, Renee, I didn't realise that was a MJ doll - creepy!

Oh, 'Sis, you noticed my WWI shovel, did you? Yes, it's not very big but it's a good little worker!

'JK', I have no idea what you're talking about!

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