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Saturday, 15 August 2009


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Oomph. Gun possession is a beast in itself on this side of the pond. It's scary.

"...blew away two of the robbers and wounded the other two who fled."

Not far, hopefully. This is why an insurance shot is always a good idea.

My cup overfloweth! Now I have two Julias in my life.

Julia, welcome to D&N and I hope you have fully recovered from the attentions of the men with knives - or rather, scalpels! The gun possession problem 'over here' is that all the bad guys carry them and the rest of us don't because we're not allowed to. Perhaps it's just as well, I have a very short fuse and a very long memory!

Incidentally, your 'Gogi, Gogi, Gogi' recipe looks very enticing and I have passed it on to the little 'Memsahib' for consideration. I urge visitors to take a look, here:

JuliaM, no, the other two miscreants were picked up having left a trail of blood - ah, shame!

Killed two, and winged the other two! Now that's what I call gun control.

More like pest control, I reckon!

Malcolm, I do hope you're not overdoing it out there on the Cape, shelling those lobsters can be very stressful!

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