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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


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You can get a lot of his broadcasts on the web too.

David, not that you care but the $2 billion was being offered through the Import/Export Bank facility which offers loans for foreign companies to buy American products and services. The net effect being American jobs. The Brazilians are going to explore and drill with or without our help. This just gives us the opportunity to sell them our stuff.

The point of the post, of course, is that we will not have off-shore drilling on our own shores, but we will pay to have it done on someone else's shores.

Concerning the Ex/Im Bank scam ...

I have a store. A thief steals $100 from me, and on the way out he sees some penny candy and buys $5 worth. I tell myself, "That's $5 I wouldn't have gotten had the thief not taken $100 from me." So, the next customer who walks in also gets $100, and sure enough he buys $5 worth of candy ... which he wouldn't have bought otherwise. So you see, I didn't give them money, I gave myself "the opportunity to sell them our stuff."

But I do care, 'FM', very much.

First, lending someone money to buy your own goods seems an expensive, and risky, way of financing whatever deals are contemplated. A simple government guarantee of the debt to individual American suppliers would suffice and then the $2 billion could be spent in America. I will say little on the fact that if off-shore drilling is so frightful in the USA why would he encourage it elsewhere - and profit off it?

Second, I read that the loan went to Petrobas, the Brazilian company, and that Obama's friend and supporter, Mr. Soros, recently invested in it heavily just before the announcement of the loan was made public. Was it not you, 'FM', who used to fulminate about 'Big Oil' making money via Cheney during the Bush presidency?

Thirdly, I read that Obama has passed a programme to help the United Arab Republic to set up a nuclear energy system - but he and his Party refuse to sanction it in the States despite the rocketing prices for oil and gas.

Fourthly, I understand that he has also set up a task force to assist Pakistan with its energy problems.

Finally, if Obama lifted the ban on drilling off the USA, and instituted a nuclear programme, think how many American jobs would be created in that scenario, to say nothing of the fact that the USA would then be self-sufficient in energy.

How much do you really care, 'FM'?

Tut, tut, Dom, you risk being labelled as a rampant 'Brazilianist'. Splendid fellows, the Brazilians, I'd trust them, er, with your dollars, of course! Well, Mr. Soros has - big time, too.

Sorry, Julia, and thanks, I missed you in all the other contretemps. Yes, indeed, if you 'google' his name there is lots to choose from.

Quite by coincidence, I'm posting an allegedly humourous piece today that refers to the American's fond misconception they've elected a black chap. Must say, most of the conservatives over there were never fooled, but I'm hoping as you have posted, that once they realize they've been had the rest of the non-hardcore Dems will recognize the Marxist they've put into office for what he is and never, ever return the like to power again.

Of course then the Left will say that the States are so racist that they'd never, ever re-elect a black president.

You anticipate me, 'NNW'. The 'commanding heights' of the USA have been captured by extreme Leftwing ideologues. I intend to post about it next week.

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