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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


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The problem is that, as Simon Heffer says,Mister Cameron has no history of integrity.
"Some of you cling to the hope that Mr Cameron knows what must be done, and is sparing details of the strong medicine until in power. Given that he has never exhibited the slightest scintilla of principle at any time during his political career, I cannot imagine what the evidence is for that."

I do not share the hope that he might get in, drop the powder-blue rosettes and snag himself the cast-iron handbag that's been rusting in Number Ten for a generation

"I do not share ...". Nor me, 'NNW', but just suppose Labour is reduced to less than a hundred seats and third party votes fail to make much difference, perhaps a colossal majority including a huge intake of new MPs beholden to Cameron for their victories and including (well, one can but hope, can't one?) a clutch of very bright people so that he can drop some of the deadbeats from the shadow cabinet, might just give him the courage to be bold. If I was him in those circs I would be tempted to go for it and take a revolutionary approach in the hope that in two terms I would have radically changed the country and secured my place in history.

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