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Wednesday, 30 September 2009


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10 seconds a week? Take it from one who knows, the best way to boost your libido is to buy a treadmill. And don't just let it sit there. Make sure your wife uses it every day. It does wonders for you sagging sex drive.

What do you mean "sagging sex drive"? I always reckoned 10 secs a week was pretty good going! And back in the days when I had to indulge in that sort of thing, if I had used a treadmill I would have been down to 10 seconds a month.

But just a moment! Am I missing something here? I mean, entre nous, Dom, nobody reads this rubbish on D&N so your secret is safe with me, is there something, you know, a bit, er, esoteric that can be performed on a treadmill? I've tried to imagine it but I can't quite work it out. I suspect that with my ineptitude I'd end up with a broken leg.

I can see I'm needed for translator duty David, first if the Huns are "the worst" and you folks are second - doesn't that mean limeys are the second worst?

Of course we Southern US males do our part - at least our wimmenfolk do:,,20301647,00.html

And,I don't think it's a treadmill you need - it's a better reading list:

Exactly, 'JK', and we should be the first worst!

As for your fist link, I can only mutter, 'only in Arkansas'!

As for the second, my hand trembled over the mouse as I clicked. Where do you find them?

The Nymphos or the websites?

Yet again, the damned Germans get there before us.
First they came for the sun beds...

The websites, you rascal, 'JK'!

Quite right, 'NNW', and then it's Poland!

OK...... here we go again......on the first link JK listed .....just because some Jack Ass in Arkansas managed to have 19 babies doesn't make him a good lover... just potent...... and for all we know he only lasted 5 seconds..... about all we know for sure is his wife doesn't swallow!!!!!!

Now JK...If you looking for a Christian Nympho....... I can join a church for you...... LMAO!!!!!

5 secs! So, not too bad then, really!

(By the way, what does 'LMAO' mean?)

LMAO..... is Laughing my Ass off.

Never a day goes by without my learning something new!

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