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Friday, 09 October 2009


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You might want to read about the route in the above wikipedia article. The route is only completely open for a few months a year and most of the year navigation requires icebreakers to even navigate some of it. The article on the North West passage refers to navigating without the aid of icebreakers. Back to school is correct.

Take a hundred lines, 'FM', you haven't been paying attention! The point of my post was that various people who should have known better swallowed whole the nonsense that the North East Passage was only now open to shipping because of global warming causing arctic ice to retreat. In fact it has been open during summer months (as I pointed out above) for 70-odd years. I will pass on Wiki this time, it is not always to be totally trusted at the best of times, instead, I prefer this from someone who appears to know where-of he writes:

In future, 'FM', do pay more attention otherwise you will have to take a note home to your parents!

"Frankly, I'm amazed that Tracey Ermin hasn't used me in one of her, er, 'art pieces' ..."

I always say "Ermin" too. But it's "Emin", no "r". And I thought she did use you in her "art":

Thanks for the spelling tip, Dom, I have corrected it.

However, I am very displeased with you for blowing my secret. I am indeed the 'Billy Childish' featured in her tent, it was my pseudonym designed to throw people off the scent because I was 68 at the time!

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