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Friday, 09 October 2009


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David, I personally believe he slept with at least 1000 having the Kennedy and power.... Women want to be able to say ....or at least think.... they had that..... and besides..... if you managed to get pregnant wouldn't you be set for life???? LOL.. Screwing a politician only seems fair.... they have certainly screwed us enough.

I told JK.....I was lusting after the semi nude Kennedy ( proof that I have been alone to long)...... he said he scrolled past the pic as soon as he could.....but I admit... NO man should wear a thong.... especially this one !!!

Dear Lord Woman! Leave JK off any comments concerning this kinda stuff. Your "Right-Wing Conspiracy" is stretching here.

Heck, there is no need to follow JK around blogdom answering every call-to-arms the Duffster (or every other) chooses to post.

As for you David? Have ye no shame?

'Camelot', eh?

Looks like Excalibur's gone a bit rusty to me...

I dunno, I've been looking for that "exact kinda wording: Sword drawn from a Stone" sort of thing that makes enduring legends.

Sir David? (Take note Your Majesty - regular reader that you are - Dave deserves a "dubbing" if anyone does) do you have any apt words?

We, in our Common Weal are cosidering a "Sir David Duff" except in our common goal for the Empire have found a previous "Sir Duff."

Therefore We, Our Common Blogdom await clarification as to the drubbing our Common Weal demands (and our present non-beheading laws) also demand of our Empire's bloggers must therefore await the judgement of our Parliament's decrees. We (meaning me the Queen-and the two lads who beat the crap out of the two fellows who share my taste in wigs - tho not in "teetering heels" nonetheless equate Our present Mr.(presumptively)Sir David Duff in all his past and present advice and pre-emptive stuff) to represent the Best that this, Our United Kingdom - well, in deference to all Cage Fighters -Queendom represent, do hereby and henceforth declare and command...

David Duff, (and Memsahib bring your camera - it will be picturesque) I, the Queen Command, bring your arse to the Palace.

Quick as you get here, you'll receive your proper recogition as well as your proper drubbing as Sir David Duff.

(Feel free to invite your Southern US "Cousins" they seemed to enjoy this sort of thing the last time.)

Her Majesty of the Realm, Queen of the Pretentious, Fan of Cage Fighters

Look, 'JK', old boy, word to the wise and all that sort of thing, but you really must stop this habit of dressing up as a lady, talking with a posh Brit accent and pretending to be the Queen of England. I mean, the sheriff warned you about it last time, it doesn't go down frightfully well with your average 'Arkie' and, in his words, "You're liable to git your ass shot'en off!"

As for apt words, look no further than the razor-sharp, Julia: "Excalibur's gone a bit rusty" - I'm still laughing!

Renee, don't be too quick with your judgments! You haven't seen me in my thong. Of course, I had a bit of trouble getting in to it, ended up with both legs in one gap, if you follow me, but still I think I made an impression, the little 'Memsahib' was so overcome she rushed from the room with her hands to her mouth - too overcome to speak, I suppose.

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