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Sunday, 11 October 2009


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"Sceptics ...insist it is unlikely that temperatures will reach the dizzy heights of 1998 until 2030 at the earliest". This sceptic doesn't. I strongly suspect that the climate models are worthless. It seems that many of the temperature measurements are biased. Chunks of the temperature record have apparently been thrown away. But just because the Global Warmmongers routinely suffer from hubris, incompetence and dishonesty, that doesn't justify my making a forecast that simply opposes theirs.

Thought: I am suddenly struck that the Global Warmmongers carefully avoid the word "forecast". The reason is, I suppose, obvious.

As so often you touch the nub of the problem, 'DM'. My difficulty with all this climate so-called science is that the very foundations of it are built on hot air! Anthony Watts has demonstrated beyond doubt that land-based temperature measuring as a historical record is hopelessly flawed. The posturing of the dendrologists and their secretive refusal to share data simply leaves them looking ridiculous. Even the satellite data, upon which I lean slightly more heavily, is 'noisy' and messy. Thus, the question remains open as to what, exactly and precisely, is a mean global temperature?

There's no question that global temperatures do change, any idiot knows that, but the second question as to its cause remains open. My common-sense, never a very reliable indicator, tells me that the sun has much to do with it, possibly by affecting the oceans, but according to the experts I (try to) read no-one is at all clear on the basic physics of the process.

The Hot Air Fanatics made their big mistake when they climbed into bed with the politicians at which point alarmed cynics like me took note and began to investigate for ourselves - as best we could. Anyway, how could you ever trust anyone who got into bed with Al Gore?

I'm just guessing here but I'd bet Mr. Hudson didn't get his Meteorology Degree from the Al Gore School of the Utterly Stoopid.

(Sometimes it's hard to believe Gore's home-State (Tennessee) borders Bill Clinton's (Arkansas). Anyway, I sorely wish the forecasts had been leaning more to their side this fine Ozarkian morning. I've been sitting in my wool socks and long-johns all this fine early October day awaiting our first average mean freeze-date (of November 4th) but at least no a/c today.

My fingers are stiff with cold or I'd commented on both the latest two fine posts. By the way David, you have by now contracted with Amazon dot for a copy of the tome above ain't ye?

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