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Friday, 30 October 2009


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"fun"? "social"? Here you are:-

And another thing.

DM, this version is from the stage play, Ain't Misbehavin'. I sort of like it better, although not as much as the original cast.


When it comes to JamJams I would rather think of the the other Duff you don’t need to bring them up.

It's Saturday morning, Gentlemen, and I have just got up and watched your various videos - what an excellent way to start a day! Especially the joyous Fats. Thanks, all of you.

Not meaning to rain on your parade concerning the "double digit visitations" David, but I pasted a link to one of your posts in an Arkansas newsblog. (But I'm certain, should the numbers keep up - you've indeed - "hit the bigtime.)

Fame at last!

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