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Saturday, 03 October 2009


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Thanks for the link.

I am no Obama fan but sometimes ( and I can't say for sure in this situation ) the people you put in a rental complex are often a large cause of the problems there..... No a tenant probably isn't the cause of a collapsed roof ... but then again if there was a fire and no maintenance afterward... blame the building maintenance.........You can't just build housing and walk away...... you have to maintain everything you do.......Rats.. Obama's fault.. I think not........

Rule number 1 to success in any country is Education...... take the poor ... and yes often uneducated and GIVE him anything......and often this is the example you will see...... people have to earn things to some degree to have respect for it.....however......for me its hard to imagine not having the desire to live in clean safe affordable housing.......but then I actually know people who have bought homes and moved in 5 50 pounds untrained dogs and let them destroy their homes and just live around the mess....... This was not government housing but a privately owned home........

This example is only one..... but in this case .... I blame the tenants...... Although faulty construction, poor quality material may be a factor.........

It sounds like I am waffling....... but as I have never actually been in the homes or met the tenants..... I can't lay blame on this one to Obama....... as much as I would like to

'M', I take the general thrust of your argument concerning tenants which is why Maggie Thatcher's policy over here in the '80s of selling state owned properties to the tenants for a song and thus making them owners was such an excellent one. However, in this case, and please read the Boston Globe article, the tenants never stood a chance because the slum landlords (step forward, for example, Ms. Valerie Jowett, currently at the right hand of Obama) simply ran sthese places into the ground as a racket which is why they were so ferociously keen to land the Olympic games and get their hands on new money and contracts.


Your point is well taken - this is probably a group of hi-maintenance tenets in any case. But the problem here is that maintenance money was included in the fee the building mangement got for running the building and they chose not to spend it. There had no economic incentive since since the money gets paid to them unless the agencies that should do the inspections find a problem but they are controlled by political allies of the landlords.

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