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Thursday, 08 October 2009


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Has to be my funny story of the week.
They got what they deserved, which is nice

"got what they deserved"

Indeed, and all the better for being such a rarity.

Perhaps we could have a whip round and hire them and their mates to parade around as couples in drag in as many town centres as possible on Saturday nights? After a month or two, every cowardly yob in the country will be in the nick minus a couple of teeth.

Then we could sack half the police force and with the saving pay ourselves back and maybe take a chunk out of the national debt into the bargain.

Son of Duff

Cor! Where do you get your brains from?

(No, don't tell me - your mother!)

Funny story David, better'n most of the stuff I get from you from the funnies list. I giggled abit (admittedly) at the main tale but then (ah the sheer hilarity) when I reached:

"Both Gardener and Fender from Bonymaen, Swansea, pleaded guilty to using abusive words and behaviour.
The pair were given a four month community order and were electronically tagged not to leave their homes between 7pm to 7am."

I, in the words of Renee, erupted in a bout of er, "LMAO?"

But I do wonder, was it really necessary to tag them? These two yobs, it seems to me would actually probably want to stay off the streets during those hours.

Unless perhaps, in drag.

The video can be seen at
and its ROFLMMfAO

Rolling on floor laughing my mother f___ing_ ass off!

I suspect, or hope, that they will be too embarrassed to leave home!

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