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Thursday, 22 October 2009


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Here's a nice bit of American popular art.

I spent many years looking down on Rockwell, and I always repeated what I was told to repeat: "First, he is an illustrator, not an artist, and second, he is too sentimental." My mother had a huge book of Rockwell's paintings that she kept on the coffee-table, to my embarrasment.

I'd say I have a fairly developed sense of art; I can hold my own in any conversation about the great artists. The funny thing, after all is said and done, I just plain like Rockwell. So what if he is an illustrator who belongs on magazine covers -- he's a good one. A lot of American art takes a strictly popular form. Fred Astair is a hoofer, Sinatra is a crooner, all of jazz up to Ellington is toe-tapping music. The secret is that they invested a great deal of talent in their work, and it rose to a higher level -- just like Rockwell.

Not that I don't appreciate your shred comments, 'DM', but the real reason I made such efforts to get you back to D&N is for your marvelously obscure Jazz 'YouTubes' - well done, keep up the good work!

"I just plain like Rockwell" - couldn't put it better myself, Dom. For what it's worth, we are joined by at least one genuine, copper-bottomed intellectual with a huge knowledge of art - Paul Johnson, he thinks Rockwell is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

You may be interested in a post on Rockwell at

You won't have to scroll down far.

Interesting, but actually artists used cameras long before the French Impressionists, if you count the camera obscura.

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