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Friday, 02 October 2009


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I think the god concerned might be Allah in this case, or maybe Pluto, but still I thought that the whole idea of Obama was to be nice to folks so they'll like you and do what you want. Perhaps there are other motives in international affairs that friendliness...

Who knew?

"Perhaps there are other motives in international affairs that friendliness..."

Oh, no! Tell me it ain't so!


I figured the bid was dead when they called in President Obama as a last minute desperate ploy.

Is it too late to give him ours?

Thank you, Julia, always good to start my day with a head-back laugh.

Yes, Hank, there was a hint of panic about it.

Of course, it's really all the fault of George Bush...

My God, Julia, you're as widely read on the net as 'JK' - and he has nothing to do all day! Anyway, that excellent site has expanded on its commentary:

LOL.... Duff.. if only we all had all day to do nothing like JK!!!

You do know that since Chicago didn't win the bid for the Olympics that they had to take drive by shooting out of the sports line up.

'M', welcome to D&N. I have to abbreviate your 'nom de keyboard' because there is no way I could spell it in full the same way twice!

"Drive by shooting" - love it!

I'm completely indifferent with sports in general and the Olympics in particular, but the arrogance with which the Chicago celebrities came, set up their circus, and assumed that all it takes is a blues concert, a bit of Oprah and a five-hour visit from President Obama to get the IOC eating out of their hands, was appalling.
Tony Blair may have won the 2012 Games to London, but he also launched an unhealthy trend of heads of state spending time wooing sports people instead of doing what they were hired to do.
I'm happy for Rio, especially since they, instead of using Ronnie Biggs as they could have, humbly settled for sending President da Silva and Pelé to Copenhagen.

'Uncle Juri', if I may use the familar, you are very welcome to D&N. I paid a visit to your 'cabin' and enjoyed myself enormously - and I recommend my readers to follow suit. When I remember how the hell to re-order my links to the left, you will be on there. Anyway, any e-pal of Sister Wolf' is an automatic e-pal of mine!

And Ronnie Biggs - love it!

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